Krashburn Multi Scale 4 – By Wade Craver


When it comes to reviewing basses, I focus on several things such as tone, balance, construction, components and price. Krashburn Guitars, located in Redding California, offers custom handmade basses and guitars that are sure to impress. I was recently fortunate to review the new Multi Scale 4 from Krashburn Guitars. At first glance, this bass is a beast. With great components, solid construction, perfect balance and a price range comparible to many high-end manufacturers.


Body wood, 2 pc black limba -spalted-top wood, Buckeye burl bookmatched- stained with black leather dye and sanded back single cut design with beveled edges and belly cut.

hidden input jack, locking style by neutrik
neck: 7 ply maple wenge bubinga construction, carbon fiber neck reinforcement rods, 2 way truss rod, roasted birdseye maple fret board w/ EVO Gold frets 24 jumbo size, luminlay glow in the dark side dot markers (charge as needed with LED flashlight)
6 bolt neck with brass 1/4 inch bolts with threaded inserts in neck.
Pickups: Lace Alumitones Bass Bars 4.0 wired vol/vol/tone CTS pots Mojo tone Capacitor .022 cloth wire
Hardware: Hipshot USA ultralite tuners 1/2, Solo bridge saddles, Rotosound strings light ga. 45-85
misc. Wenge headstock veneer, tung oil finish wipe on for satin look, black buffalo horn string nut, Scale length 35″ bass x 33″ treble

The neck is hand crafted with three, flat sides for easy handling and fretting positions. The neck and body balance perfectly both seated and standing, which is crucial in a bass.

Krashburn 3

Having a heavy neck, causes the bass to “neck dive”, which can lead to wrist problems. Krashburn2The six bolt neck is most securely fastened to the body with an extremely tight fit.


The Volume, Volume, Tone configuration is a perfect way to go for all you jazz bass guys. The Bass Bars 4.o are amazing as well.


Since the Multiscale 4 was built for a female bassist, I thought why not ask our wonderful videographer, ConArtistE, to give the Krashburn a run.

Hello, ConArtistE here, audio/videographer for NorCal BASSIX.  When Wade told me that he was doing a new review for KRASHBURN Guitars, I was certainly expecting to see an exceptional instrument.  With that in mind, I was STILL blown away by the quality of this bass!  I picked it up and easily played on it like it was meant to be.  The size, spacing and overall craftsmanship made me want one for myself.  Not to mention the absolutely beautiful wood used throughout! I have to say, the neck and the fanned fretting is what did it for me. My fingers are short and it is often hard for me to reach along the full range of the neck on most basses but not this one. The flat backside and edges gives me a firm grip to lay my fingers where they may and the fanned fretting feels like a natural reach for me.   I’m always glad when my playing improves, even a little, simply because I’m on the right size and style instrument.  KRASHBURN designed this for a female bassist and I’m sure it will suit her well.  So, good luck to her in all she does with it and thanks for choosing a builder from Redding, CA.

 It’s clear that our little neck of the woods is producing some talented people.  KRASHBURN is no exception.  We are proud to present for your consideration, our video review for this bass, enjoy!


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