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For anyone who has ever had a dream, a vision or even a destiny, this upcoming film, “Jaco” is a declaration to you. It covers the struggles and highlights the integrity that one must have in order to achieve the level of artistry that can make or break the human spirit. The film’s executive producer, Robert Trujillo along with Jaco’s son, John Pastorius wanted to use Jaco’s extraordinary life to influence others to apply what happened Jaco to themselves because despite the struggles that he went through and the decisions that he made, he was true to his art and we can all learn from that wisdom.

“I don’t play Fusion, I play Modern American Music PERIOD.”— Jaco Pastorius

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This film has been almost 20 years in the making and during this time many events had to take place in order to shape this story into what it has become today. Whenever we focus our energy on something that is so important, the universe tends to transcend the connections that we make in order to get these things done (for example: Trujillo finally met with Joni Mitchell at a party after years of trying to set up a meeting). These elements turned out to be the cornerstone of the film. According to Robert, ” The film is totally different than what they were originally aiming at and it turned out to be” because, over the years, many connections like that were made in order to fill in the holes of this incredible and universal story.

“Jaco” film release date: November 27th

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Robert has been captivated by Jaco’s bass lines since he first saw him perform at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1979 to a diverse audience. He realized that although Weather Report was a bad ass band, there was something about the bass player that was receiving the most attention and who provided the audience with an energy that Robert has never been able to shake because, according to Robert, Jaco’s playing was “really fucking cool!” He brought the bass into the forefront and clearly, the people loved it! Many of Robert’s own bass lines that he wrote in the early 90’s with Infectious Grooves contained a lot of techniques, funk and flavor that he says Jaco inspired. He believes that Jaco used the bass as a tool to be creative which helped give others the initiative to take the bass and make it their own as well. This applies to all artists on every level and, therefore, this film is more than just a documentary. We should all be able to take away from it a nugget of creative integrity that may help to inspire us through the long haul of our dreams.

The “Jaco” Pastorius documentary is coming out November 27th thanks to these two, executive producers (Robert Trujillo and John Pastorius) along with the film’s director/editor, Paul Marchand. Interestingly enough, when all of these men first met, each of them had a different idea of what happened to this legendary man and because of this they felt like it was their duty to tell the right story. So, they sifted through years of data to pick and choose the most comprehensive information about Jaco’s life in order to give people a much bigger story than just the facts and that is, that Jaco is more than a jazz player, he is an artist and “anyone with a creative impulse will relate”.

This documentary will be available on demand, streaming, as a digital download and on DVD/Blue-ray with an audio soundtrack of the film to be released on the same day, which happens to be Record Store Day and Black Friday.

Jaco Pastorius died at age 35 and during his short life, he changed the way bass was traditionally played with bands like Weather Report and as a solo artist. This film has never before seen footage, photos, audio recordings and interviews with those musicians who were and continue to be deeply influenced by his music. We look forward to celebrating the life of a man who did some real groundbreaking stuff, despite being merely “a bassist”. He led a mysterious, amazing, funny and inspired life, however, this is no fairytale. It is TRUTH at its best and it promises to be a universal experience for us all. An “honest” film about a “complicated” man.

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