Tsunami Cables

By Wade Craver

OK, you’ve got your dream bass, a brand new amp with cabinet, endless effects pedals on an enormous pedal board and your ready to go. The stage lights dim and your given the “go ahead” to hit the stage. As the first chord is played, you notice that you have no signal going to your amp. “CRAP”! Now you stand there looking at a spaghetti pile of cables running everywhere, wondering where the bad connection lies. Sound familiar?
A bad cable can render $10,000 in gear useless in an instant. Having top quality cables is essential to any setup, whether its bass, guitar, pro audio….you name it. The solution to this problem is simple…..use better quality cables. I recently had the opportunity to check out some amazing cables from Tsunami Cables. These cables feature bullet proof construction with top quality connectors.

There’s no “bad cable” shutting down your rig with Tsunami Cables.

BassCraversTsunamiCables1 BassCraversTsunamiCables2
Available in a wide array of colors, lengths, straight and right angle connectors(for that enormous pedal board), mic cables,speaker cables, power cables and more, Tsunami Cables are hands down some of the finest cables I’ve ever used. Although, there are many manufacturers of cables out there, I prefer a manufacturer that not only offers the best of the best, but also takes the time to truly care about those who spend their hard earned money on products. That being said, I’m proud to announce that Tsunami Cables will now be the official cable of NorCal BASSIX. Check out Tsunami Cables for all your cable needs.

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