UBass S-U-B from KALA

While attending yet another NAMM show in Anaheim, the NorCal BASSIX crew came across a product easily deserving of the NorCal BASSIX Bass Innovation Award. This ground-breaking product was the UBass by KALA. The UBass is a 21″ scale powerhouse of an instrument, designed with the working bassist in mind. The UBass allows bassists to travel the globe with an airline friendly bass that is sure to impress. This review will be focused on the new and improved 2013UBass S-U-B model in sunburst strung with Pyramid silk core strings.

At a lower price point,the UBass S-U-B features a poplar body, maple bolt-on neck with rosewood fretboard, active 2-band E.Q.(bass, treble) with a SHADOW pickup system located in the bridge, Hipshot tuners and is available in various color options. The construction of the UBass S-U-B is as durable as any full size bass on the market. This assures an instrument that is dependable and built to last. UBass has made a few upgrades to the S-U-B model since its original debut. These upgrades include an adjustable truss rod as well as a bridge that is slightly angled toward the lower register strings. This angle provides better intonation and overall clarity of the E and A strings.

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BassCraversUBass BassCraversUBass2 BassCraversUBass3 BassCraversUBass4

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Some of you may remember our past review of the 2012 UBass S-U-B, strung with its proprietary polyurethane strings, posted on NorCal BASSIX TV. One of the more frequently asked questions in regard to the UBass was about the strings. To some players the smooth and flexible feel of the polyurethane strings seemed a bit awkward. This question has been answered with the introduction of Pyramid silk core steel wrapped strings. Designed specifically for the UBass. Pyramid strings provide bassists a string that sounds and feels just like your typical roundwound bass string. And yes…. you can even slap on the Pyramid strings. Whether strung with Pyramid strings or polyurethane strings, the UBass provides a subsonic level of bass unlike any I have heard. The SHADOW pickup also provides crisp clean highs, which nicely blend with the impressive lows. Having a wide array of tones makes the UBass suitable for any situation.

The UBass is also available in the California model which is available in 4&5 string, fretted & fretless and constructed of top quality woods and color options built in California. Be sure to visit the UBass website for a complete listing of these wonderful products.

Aside from the S-U-B model, UBass also provides a wide selection of gig bags, hard cases, string types, replacement parts, electronics, apparel as well as UBass kits for those wanting to construct their own UBass.

BassCraversUBassCase BassCraversUBassCase2

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