Customizing Your Bass

In the beginning, most people didn’t long to play the bass. In fact, most bassists started out playing another instrument and then switched to the bass because a bassist was needed in order to complete “the band”.  However, as time marches on, bassists have grown to become a fundamental part of music both as solo artists and as strong members of the band.  These days, there are many Bass Players that newcomers can look up to and in doing so, they realize that playing the bass is more than just a talent, but also, an emotional equilibrium. That is, Bass Players tend to be more level-headed and calm. If this is not the case with you, no worries. Everyone is different :)

However, as bassists go, you are an essential part of the band whether your band members say it or not. Your audiences are not interested in squealing guitars and over-the-top drum solos. They listen to music for its calming relationship between the mind and the spirit. That is what you provide!

For that reason, it is important that you know your instrument well and are capable of changing it up a little, if needed. That is where NorCal BASSIX helps out. The founder, Wade Craver, takes you through the process of “Customizing a Bass”. This includes adding new circuitry and changing the tuners on your instrument. Normally, when we buy an instrument, we assume that we are stuck with the unique sound that it makes and all the parts that it comes with. Period. But that’s not true! An instrument can be upgraded, fixed, restored, customized you name it! Sometimes all it needs is a little love. . . .


Regardless, you are in control of how your instrument sounds and the only person that should be touching the instrument is YOU! The connection that you have with your bass should be a strong one and this video gives you the tools that you need to perform the task of customizing it all on your own. Countless companies are out there with parts and pieces that can add a new dimension and feel to your sound and instrument. So, take advantage of it! You are not stuck with the instrument that you buy because each instrument is capable of a makeover. This happens to be the most viewed video on NorCal BASSIX TV and it’s no wonder. The information in this video is priceless for those who want to do more with the bass than just call themselves Bass Players because the truth is, you are musicians, artists, creators and are in complete control of the business of your sound! Take a look:

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