Day On The Green “YYZ”

Canadian rock band, Rush did an instrumental rock piece called “YYZ” on their 1981 album” Moving Pictures”.  It has since become one of their most popular pieces and many musicians enjoy covering it as did this crew from the music store “Music Max” in Palo Cedro, CA.  This group (no official name) includes the staple players and musical instructors at the store since its inception, all of whom have had other, ongoing, successful, musical accomplishments in their lives. The band’s composition is guitarist: Al Mires (store owner), drummer: Kenji Kato, keyboards: Cleveland Boney and NorCal’s own, Wade Craver on our favorite instrument, ‘da bass’. Needless to say, these guys are the best of the best in town and watching them take on this song during this outdoor gig was amazing to watch. I’m guessing that this took place at least 3 years ago, maybe more. I apparently managed to get a decent recording of this performance back then and nobody has seen it since.  Until now.

This video was found in my archives in a folder titled: Day on the Green and inside was this video.  I have bragged before about how much footage I have that nobody has ever seen and this is definitely one of them.  This event, “Day on the Green” was held at Anderson River Park and had a great turnout.

 Tech 21 sent some gear to support our bass community and we were grateful for that. The purpose of the event was to showcase some local bands and provide people with some outstanding music.  It was no wonder why Music Max and its elite group of musicians got involved.  They really made this song, YYZ a showstopper. I had no idea that this footage had come out so well. The day was bright and it was hard to see the lens on my video camera but I was clearly focused on the bassist, as per usual.  Take a look:

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