Victor Wooten’s new ‘PURE’ sound

DR Strings announced yesterday (11/19/2015) that Victor Wooten now plays PURE BLUES DR Bass Strings! So, why the switch?

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Victor says, “Music is vibrations and a direct representation of who we are. Strings are vital components to how these vibrations touch the listener. To reach people honestly, we need strings that respond purely. PURE BLUES™ is my choice.” 

This announcement went through all of the social media channels including a YouTube video which features Victor playing a pure blues sound with the camera emphasizing on the many DR string packets that are situated around him.  Eventually, the camera focuses on the 5 time Grammy and two time Bass Player magazine “Bassist of the Year” winner so that he can state his business, “DR – PURE BLUES”  he says to the camera with a thumbs up to punctuate.Then he continues to showcase the brand NEW Quantum Nickel PURE BLUES bass strings.

Wade Craver of NorCal BASSIX and I first had the opportunity to see Victor Wooten play live at a place in San Francisco, years (and years) ago. Back then, his fame certainly seemed on the rise but his entrance was far from famous as he simply walked through the crowd from the front door entrance of the building. During this time, while the audience was focused on the stage, Victor began playing the bass but no one really knew where the sound was coming from.  Meanwhile, the not-so-tall bassist was working his way through the crowd, playing his bass via a wireless set-up.  We saw it all happen from above and it was fun to watch him initially weave his way through the towering crowd of people who had no idea that Victor Wooten was about to walk right up behind them and ask for permission to pass.  Once the audience figured out his location, they soon parted a path for him to groove his way to the stage. Afterwards, he stuck around to meet and greet his fans and politely shook our hands along with many others.

Needless to say, DR Strings is glad to welcome this legendary bassist to their family. Take a look:

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