Ryan Madora – Her BASSic story

My first introduction to Ryan Madora was watching her play bass in the Aguilar booth at a NAMM show years ago. The first thing that I notice about her is her timing.  It’s absolutely impeccable! This means that she’s a real asset to any band because this sort of of rhythm has its own, internal clock that can only be accessed by a hard-working bassist and the bitch of it IS – that she makes it look so easy! (Here’s some footage from 2013 in which you cannot deny her ability to groove!)

So, the next that I saw her in January 2016, I wanted to be sure to say “hi”.  That’s when she told me about her latest project, The Interludes and I asked if it was okay to write about her on this website (she IS pictured on the front page, collage photo!) I also want us here in the west to understand exactly what we are missing because we need to be flooding her with our support!

Find out more about bassist, Ryan Madora.


I also took the time to read through some of her posts online at where she appears to have a deep understanding about music combined with a no nonsense delivery about the topics that she covers. She was also extremely influenced by the documentary “Standing In The Shadows of Motown”. So, without further ado, here is one of the songs off her new album, The Interludes in which she performs a “Slide Bass”.  Very unusual (for bass) but VERY cool!  Take a Look:

However, our favorite song here at NorCal BASSIX off this album is The Lizard (it was unanimous one night when I put her videos on the big screen in our studio to get a feel for her new project).  Everyone here agreed that, in this performance, she does a solo that one person referred to as “sweet” and another said “tasty”!  And I have to agree that her patient playing does have a sweet ‘n tasty style that is well appreciated in the bass world.  For us, we loved hearing each note and feeling the vibe that she inevitably creates (at 3:30) in this song .  See for yourself and PLEASE support her, follow her online or otherwise take notice of her in any way that you can because she’s very, very cool not only as a person, but as an extraordinary bassist!

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