Michael Manring – Taking Bass Playing Further!

Michael Manring is one of the world’s leading solo bass artists who pushes the threshold of bass playing to its absolute limits!  He does this by following the instructions that he has learned from the late, great bass legend: Jaco Pastorius  which includes developing his own, unique approach to the instrument.  He revealed during a performance that he didn’t even plan on being a bass player! (See Zon video below)

Fortunately (for us) He Picked Up The Bass!

Michael Manring – Zon Hyperbass

Here is some footage of his performance on that day in which you will witness how he is able to create a tapestry of music on his Zon Hyperbass.  It is one of the most viewed performances on ConArtistE Publications and it gives you a true sense of his capabilities with this iconic instrument built for him by Joe Zon.

The Story Behind The Hyperbass

According to Joe Zon, he was introduced to Michael through his music on CDs and he found his music and compositions to be so moving (containing so much emotion) that he really wanted to help Michael take his bass playing further.  Especially when he saw him perform for the first time and he noticed that Michael was constantly needing to re-tune his instrument between songs because of his alternate tuning techniques. Joe Zon said that he found himself “crawling out of his skin” because he knew that he could help Michael facilitate this much more efficiently. When the two of them finally met, they had some pretty crazy ideas about how to make the ultimate bass that is now known as the Hyperbass. Together, they collaborated ideas and created this iconic bass that we are so familiar with today. See the full story here:

However, another great performance was done at a later date in this next video and it was recorded using a Heil Sound microphone which was able to capture the true intensity that he unleashes through his sound.  Please take a look at this other video of Michael to see for yourself:

The Enormous Room – Michael Manring – Audio Recorded Using Heil Sound Microphone.

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