KrashBurn Atlas 5 Multi Scale Bass

Listen to the sound of this bass now (Music by: Wade Craver using this featured bass by KrashBurn):

KrashBurn Creates Another Masterpiece

We first came to know bass builder, Jim Kafalas a few years ago because he’s a local guy (Redding, our home town) who’s been gaining a lot of attention for his custom built guitars and basses.  So, of course, we had to find out more!  Since then we have managed to do a handful of video reviews of his basses over the last year and even went to the NAMM show in 2016 to help promote his new, custom basses to the world!  The whole experience went really well for him and we are glad to see him succeed in the world of bass building because his custom work is some of the finest that we have ever seen!

This latest creation is a one to behold!  We have taken some photographs and have given you all of the specs below.  It is a beautiful bass with all of the best features built right into it.  No need to customize because it is all done for you!  KrashBurn will custom design your dream instrument! His attention to detail is superb.  These instruments are the perfect balance of playability and design.

Flamed Maple top, Swamp Ash body laminated with grain accent.

Ebony fretboard with Abalam “V” inlay at 12th fret with Luminlay fret position markers. This amazing multi scale design provides an incredible low B with a scale length of 37″ to a G scale length of 34″.
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The colors are incredible!

With recessed knobs, EVO Gold fretwire banjo size and Kalium Strings.

BassCraversKrashBurn (2)


Nordstrand Pickups Big Singles.

With Darkglass Electronics Tone Capsule Preamp. What else is there to say? This thing is a tone machine!


 BassCraversKrashBurn (3)

Hipshot Products Inc.

 Solo string Bridge saddles.

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Jim Dunlop Guitar Products locking strap buttons.

Screwless control cover plate which I think is a must have for anyone that spends time in the control cavity (i.e. battery replacement, parameter adjustments etc.)

The balance of the Atlas 5 was excellent in all playing positions.

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Hipshot Products Inc.

UltraLight Tuners provide a smooth and secure tuning platform for any bass.

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 Wenge deep bolt neck 4 ply laminated with Carbon fiber rods and threaded steel inserts.

Take a close look at the heel cavity and its tight fit. This kind of precision plays a crucial role in a bolt-on’s resonance, increasing tonality.


Hidden input jack.

Not your typical 1/4″ input, KrashBurn has developed a very unique method of hiding the input jack.



Custom Made In Redding, CA.

Quality craftsmanship!

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