Bass Pedal Tricks with Michael League ‘Snarky Puppy’

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This newly released video from shows some pretty cool tricks that bassists are always doing with these pedals.  It’s no surprise that pedals are an excellent way to represent your particular style of playing as they have been around for a long time and have always been the companion of guitarists but over the years, bassists have learned to use them for their music as well.

In this case, Michael League, bassist for ‘Snarky Puppy’ tells us that he uses pedals so that he can sound more like a ‘key’ bass.

Otherwise, he strives for the James Jamerson or Bootsy Collins sound with his bass playing.  However, he relies on pedals to make sure that the music itself is well represented.  He says that he only uses a pedal when it would be “musically inappropriate” not to. Well said!

Then, like all pedal enthusiasts, he dives right into describing his set-up and giving us a taste as to what each of them sounds like. He even tells us all little about his musical past and his influences over the years.

In between it all, Michael League unleashes a sound on his bass each time that just makes this whole video work.  As much as I like to hear about the pedals, I love to hear how he uses is to his unique advantage.

Therefore, there’s really no point in agonizing over what to play and how to play it because when you see this video, you begin to realize that this guy absolutely loves to play bass which is the beginning of all that is great!  Check it out:

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