Bassist From Rage Against The Machine Debuts His New Band – Wakrat

What started off as a casual introduction between restaurant owner Mathias Wakrat and bassist Tim Commerford from Rage Against the Machine turned into an epic upcoming album for their newly formed band, Wakrat.

The two were first friends because of their common interest in mountain-biking. They often spent time together talking about it. Commerford tells Rolling Stone, “We both just share the same enthusiasm for riding mountain bikes. We’d talk for many hours about mountain biking and one day, he was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I play drums.'”

Tim Commerford – Bassist For Rage Against The Machine – Has A New Band.

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Wakrat (with the addition of guitarist Laurent Grangeon) is now a hardcore group with a deep message to send in their upcoming album that has yet to be titled, but the first single, “Knucklehead” has just been released. It was filmed in the new group’s rehearsal studio with Commerford, who wrote all the album’s lyrics, screaming, “Gimme the gun/Fuck the knife/I’m alright … Why am I locked in my aquarium?” For Commerford, it is a deeply personal song.
“I’ve been dealing with some very deep, dark family stuff in the last year, stuff that left me in tears,” he says. “I spent a lot of time crying in the last year and feeling trapped and alone. That’s what ‘Knucklehead’ is about. Sometimes the dark side spawns incredible things, and the music came from that. It’s the ray of sun at the end of the day. I went through some deep shit that I hope I never go through again, but look what came from it: this incredible opportunity in music that I love. The scream at the end of the song makes me feel like I’m just putting my face in a pillow and screaming my guts out.”

In addition to this new emotional grip that he has, he still integrates the political and social messages that have permeated his other bands (Rage Against the Machine and Future User) and the fans are excited to see this new emotional twist in correspondence with the overall anger that we all agree to have against the world as it stands today.

“I can’t stop myself from finding information that makes me mad and writing about it,” he says.
Wakrat has been together only 18 months and originally they were looking for a singer, but when they were unable to find anyone, Commerford took a stab at it and was able to work with the group’s “weird punk-jazz music with odd time signatures” which he originally thought would be hard to do. The upcoming 10-track album is a punk, fast and spastic to say the least and apparently they even use some electronic and spoken word to help round out the group’s sound. I love it!
“This is the music I grew up on and always wanted to do. It’s the same feeling when Rage Against the Machine started playing.” “I always looked at Future User as performance art. I had a vision, and I wasn’t a part of that vision,” he says. “With Wakrat, we’re a band, and we’re going to play all the time, and we’re going to pay our dues the old-school way. This is the kind of music that I grew up on and always wanted to do. It’s the same feeling as 1991 when Rage Against the Machine first started playing. It felt uncomfortable and doesn’t feel right, and I love that feeling. I am enjoying myself right now on a musical level more than I’ve ever enjoyed myself in my entire career. It’s incredible that I’m saying that; it’s a beautiful thing.”
This new band is treading water in the music industry the way it used to be done. They open for bigger bands and work in a grassroots sort of way, playing in small clubs with no label in place. “We’re bottom feeders. We got nothing” and Commerford says that he plans to work with “passionate people who go, ‘Fuck, I love this shit.'”

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