Brian’s Bass Booth – Part 2 – The Many Styles Of Bass Playing

So, Brian has been keeping us busy with all of the bass updates (thank you very much) and in this series of videos, he wants to show us the many different styles of bass playing that can be done.  Below, you will see music videos featuring bassists playing slap bass in the dark, tapping in the snow, playing flamenco on an upright bass, doing Cliff Burton’s bass line to the song “Anesthesia” by Metallica AND a cover version of the song “Hello” from the popular singer, Adele, on a fretless bass .

With regards to this last video, I have to say that listening to a popular pop song on the bass (minus everything else) is much easier than listening to the original version.  I don’t always like to hear the latest and greatest music that the world considers a “hit” but that is why we are glad to get a version that we can relate to.

There is something about these videos that gives us the sense that bass is more than just an instrument, it is a way of expressing our deepest emotions.  These players all have an uncanny ability to draw us into their song, whatever it may be.  Also, these videos are well done with terrific sound. You can also be sure that you about to hear a wide range styles on the bass because Brian Wilkes shows no signs of sticking to anything, in particular.  He is a true BassCraver who enjoys treating us all to some of the great bass playing that is taking place, right now, on the web!  Take a look:

Fernando Molinari “Tropical Rain” – Heavy Slap Bass.

Payam Ghasemi – Bass Tapping In The Snow.

Renaud Garcia-Fons “Bajo De Guia” – Flamenco On Upright Bass.

Rob Scallon “Anesthesia” by Metallica – Upright Bass Cover.

Zander Zon “Hello” by Adele – Fretless Bass.