Regenerate Guitar Works Review

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Well, it’s that time of year again…. NAMM. This year the NorCal BASSIX crew, consisting of Bruce Calin, Ryan Trujillo, ConStancE aka ConArtistE (the actual brains behind NorCal BASSIX) and myself, endured the road trip to sunny Anaheim. I must say it was the best year ever. We got to see friends from the entire world all under one roof. How cool is that? You could say that for me, it truly is the kid in the candy store effect. Is it possible to say too many basses in one place….nah. So after hours and hours and hours of listening to the worlds top bassists playing the worlds top basses through the worlds top gear, I continuously found myself standing in front of the same booth. The Regenerate Guitar Worksbooth…..hmm. What can I say, I guess I just follow good tone.

Once I realized something kept bringing back to this point, I figured that I better review these basses.

BassCraversRegenerate1 BassCraversRegenerate2

Regenerate Guitar Works is a Seattle based company built solely around the concept of providing top quality instruments at an affordable price and made in the USA. Also focusing on both right and left-handed players to ensure that no matter your technique, your Regenerate bass will play the way you want. Whether you prefer an exotic Cemphor Burl top or a stunning metallic green paint job, a jazz bass or precision bass, soapbars, active, passive, 4, 5 or 6 string, Regenerate can not only provide these options, but provide them at an amazing level of precision. Anytime I get a bass in my hands, I find myself checking for building flaws (that’s what you get from repairing basses for 20 years) After doing the eye comb over the Regenerate basses, I could honestly not find one design flaw.

Loaded with Nordstrand pickups, Hipshot bridge and tuners and slung with Regenerate strings, every model from Regenerate Guitar Works, was in itself a true piece of art. Models include the the VRB (Vintage Recording Bass), Regenerator, Malibu Series and more.

Shortly after NAMM, the crew was given the rare opportunity to demo a wide array of Regenerate basses in our studio.

BassCraversRegenerateNorCalBASSIX1 BassCraversRegenerateNorCalBASSIX2 BassCraversRegenerateNorCalBASSIX3

We not only got to play these great basses, we also had the opportunity to ask Rod Banach many questions about what actually goes into the building of these instruments. He was even kind enough to open a couple instruments, in order to see the shielding throughout the control cavity. It was like having the writer of a great novel explain why he wrote what he wrote.

Regenerate offers all instruments in a wide array of active/passive pickups and circuitry from Nordstrand pickups. Regenerate also offers the Duo-Tone option which gives you two passive tones in a single control knob. This push/pull tone knob provides your standard tone controls in one position, but in the second position you get more of the upper mids left in your tone. This provides an upper mid snap, unlike your standard passive tone. All in all…..Regenerate Guitar Works offers a very complete line of basses and guitars that anyone can enjoy.
A huge thank you to our photographer, Jazmin Mae. Without you, we wouldn’t have captured this experience.

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