WARRIOR Bella 62 J Bass

By Brian Wilkes

Warrior basses are legendary and when they came out with this 60’s style bass when the Jazz bass became a legend, I just had to have one!  This bass is inspired by the tone of the old style and brings it into a modern time.  The past is preserved, using only the finest materials with no rushing involved. Each of these Bella basses are built by hand in the USA by Warrior and this particular one is #18.

#18 – 5 string bass in a J bass style.


The bass is called Bella 62. They also have an “Isabella” and a “Dran Michael”. The founder and owner of Warrior, JD, told me that he will be adding the Bella to his line of basses. This bass has a great sound and you can get this P bass sound especially if you put wound strings on it for a nice J bass Jaco sound.

The bass has good action and a nice finish the all around.BassCraversWarriorBella6

The clear coat on the body and the urethane finish on the neck and fingerboard makes it very smooth, topped off with black binding on the neck and black block inlays on the fingerboard. The sound comes from a P bass Bar-tolini pick up in the middle, and a Fralin J bass pickup at the bridge and a black and silver Hipshot A style bridge also silver Hipshot tuning heads. Also with a Bartolini 2 band eq with a Volume, pan, mid range tone, bass and tre-ble knobs. The bass and treble are stacked. And has a white tortoise shell pick guard.

This is a great bass if you are looking for a bass that can do just about anything. It looks good and plays and sounds great!

Swamp ash body and Maple neck  


Maple fretboard, Fralin j and Bartolini p pickups with Bartolini 2 band EQ