Ryan Madora – Her BASSic story

My first introduction to Ryan Madora was watching her play bass in the Aguilar booth at a NAMM show years ago. The first thing that I notice about her is her timing.  It’s absolutely impeccable! This means that she’s a real asset to any band because this sort of of rhythm has its own, internal clock that can only be accessed by a hard-working bassist and the bitch of it IS – that she makes it look so easy! (Here’s some footage from 2013 in which you cannot deny her ability to groove!)

So, the next that I saw her in January 2016, I wanted to be sure to say “hi”.  That’s when she told me about her latest project, The Interludes and I asked if it was okay to write about her on this website (she IS pictured on the front page, collage photo!) I also want us here in the west to understand exactly what we are missing because we need to be flooding her with our support!

Find out more about bassist, Ryan Madora.


I also took the time to read through some of her posts online at where she appears to have a deep understanding about music combined with a no nonsense delivery about the topics that she covers. She was also extremely influenced by the documentary “Standing In The Shadows of Motown”. So, without further ado, here is one of the songs off her new album, The Interludes in which she performs a “Slide Bass”.  Very unusual (for bass) but VERY cool!  Take a Look:

However, our favorite song here at NorCal BASSIX off this album is The Lizard (it was unanimous one night when I put her videos on the big screen in our studio to get a feel for her new project).  Everyone here agreed that, in this performance, she does a solo that one person referred to as “sweet” and another said “tasty”!  And I have to agree that her patient playing does have a sweet ‘n tasty style that is well appreciated in the bass world.  For us, we loved hearing each note and feeling the vibe that she inevitably creates (at 3:30) in this song .  See for yourself and PLEASE support her, follow her online or otherwise take notice of her in any way that you can because she’s very, very cool not only as a person, but as an extraordinary bassist!


DR Strings – Pure Blues – Video Review!

All of us here at came to know more about DR Strings through a mutual friend named Jorgen Moholt who happens to live in the Northern California mountains, near our home town of Redding, CA. Jorgen is a bassist as well and he has built a state of the art studio that rivals any other. His first featured guest was Norm Stockton last October of 2015.  BassCraversNormStocktonToneMountain

He calls it Tone Mountain (Music & Nature)

BassCraversToneMountainThis place is for those who really want to get back to nature but don’t want to compromise their sound in order to do it!  We anticipate great things happening there in the months and years to come.  For that reason, we were more than happy to hear what Jorgen had to say about DR Strings and when he was able to get his hands on a set of the new Pure Blues strings that is now Victor Wooten‘s newest sound, we had no problem reviewing them.

DR Strings pride themselves on being handmade even though at the time that they began production, computer assisted machinery and semi-automatic machinery was a common practice in winding strings.

Image Source
Image Source

However, they were convinced that they could hear and feel the difference between hand-made and machine-made strings and so they have committed themselves to making only handmade strings. Players feel the same way as they are the ones who are making the sound and so the company has thrived on this standard ever since. Another major component of this is the fact that DR Strings are also “American made with old fashioned hand craftsmanship, combined with the very finest of American made high quality metals”.  So, go check them out and see what they can do for you!

DR Strings

Meanwhile, you can hear for yourself the difference and quality of this string in our latest Video Review.  Take a look:


January 2016 – Stu Hamm – In Redding – At NAMM – Twice In One Month!

We are excited that the legendary Stu Hamm is coming to Redding CA once again and this time he is bringing his band (Alex Skolnick and Joel Taylor) on January 15th to The Dip (located downtown at the newly rennovated space/formally known as Bombay’s) on California Street.  Doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 9pm with a $15 cover charge.  This is part of the Band’s winter long tour along the west coast to support his new solo album – “The Book of Lies”.

The Stu Hamm Band At The Dip in Redding, CA.

Stu Hamm
Stu Hamm Facebook Page

The last time that we had the pleasure of his performance was back in 2011 for a NorCal BASSIX Bass Day event. He showed up early and gave some bass lessons for those who wanted to learn first-hand from one of the best bassists in the world.  Afterwards, he told stories and played for nearly 2 hours straight to a very excited and attentive audience.  He was entertaining, funny and his performance on the bass was extraordinary.  In fact, I did manage to get some footage of the event back in 2011 but I never released it (ConArtistE Publications). However, after going through it again, I put together a video mix-up to let you all know what it was like to spend time with Stu Hamm.  Therefore, if you missed him the first time, you can catch him again in different locations all along the west coast this winter. People in this area still talk about his performance at Bass Day and therefore, it is my pleasure to remind everyone that they have a chance to see him again!  This footage contains the Star Spangled Banner in its entirety and several clips of a wide range of songs that Stu Hamm did for us on that day.  You will, no doubt, get a feel for his limitless talent on the bass.  This video only makes me excited to see him perform again which is exactly why I did it, to encourage you to support him by coming out to one of his live performances that he is doing for you this winter. Take a look:

Also in January, The NAMM Show’s Newest Bass Event – Bass Jam starring Stu Hamm!

JT’sBassJam-PR - Tsunami Cables -

Besides being near us in mid January, we were glad to hear that Stu Hamm is headlining the Newest Bass Jam show sponsored in part by our favorite cable company, Tsunami Cables who has certainly become the cable of choice for a variety of artists while making a Tsunami sized impact in the bass community as well. In fact, when NorCal BASSIX met with the owner, Keith Stickney a couple of years ago, Keith was well on his way to becoming a great success!

Since then, there has been a whole lot of enthusiasm for his cables in the bass community at places like Bass Player Live in 2015 and also in Bass Musician Magazine. Therefore, we look forward to seeing all of our co-conspirators in the bass world this January, both here in Redding and also at the NAMM show at the end of the month! Thanks again to Tsunami Cables for all of the information and support to our bass community here at – See you soon!tsunami cables



Victor Wooten’s new ‘PURE’ sound

DR Strings announced yesterday (11/19/2015) that Victor Wooten now plays PURE BLUES DR Bass Strings! So, why the switch?

Image Source
Image Source

Victor says, “Music is vibrations and a direct representation of who we are. Strings are vital components to how these vibrations touch the listener. To reach people honestly, we need strings that respond purely. PURE BLUES™ is my choice.” 

This announcement went through all of the social media channels including a YouTube video which features Victor playing a pure blues sound with the camera emphasizing on the many DR string packets that are situated around him.  Eventually, the camera focuses on the 5 time Grammy and two time Bass Player magazine “Bassist of the Year” winner so that he can state his business, “DR – PURE BLUES”  he says to the camera with a thumbs up to punctuate.Then he continues to showcase the brand NEW Quantum Nickel PURE BLUES bass strings.

Wade Craver of NorCal BASSIX and I first had the opportunity to see Victor Wooten play live at a place in San Francisco, years (and years) ago. Back then, his fame certainly seemed on the rise but his entrance was far from famous as he simply walked through the crowd from the front door entrance of the building. During this time, while the audience was focused on the stage, Victor began playing the bass but no one really knew where the sound was coming from.  Meanwhile, the not-so-tall bassist was working his way through the crowd, playing his bass via a wireless set-up.  We saw it all happen from above and it was fun to watch him initially weave his way through the towering crowd of people who had no idea that Victor Wooten was about to walk right up behind them and ask for permission to pass.  Once the audience figured out his location, they soon parted a path for him to groove his way to the stage. Afterwards, he stuck around to meet and greet his fans and politely shook our hands along with many others.

Needless to say, DR Strings is glad to welcome this legendary bassist to their family. Take a look:

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